Twenty Name of Beverages in English with the Meaning in Indonesia

Macam-macam Minuman

English vocabulary is devided into basic level, intermediate level, and advance level. The vocabularies are separated based on how often a vocabulary is used. For example, basic vocabulary is used for daily activitiy and we often use the vocabulary. It’s different with advance vocabulary which is rarely used in daily conversation, or directed to spesific purpose such os medical, astronomy, technic and so on.

Names of beverage in English is basic level vocabulary. We often use it on our daily conversation. So that is why understanding name of beverages is very important for us. In this article, there are 20 name of beverages in English that will be explained with the meaning in Indonesia and the example of the usage in sentence.

There are twenty name of beverages in English :

1. Mineral water : air mineral

2. Tea : teh

3. Coffee : kopi

4. Milk : susu

5. Juice : jus

6. Coke : minuman bersoda

7. Lemonade : minuman lemon

8. Ice cream : es krim

9. Coconut ice : es kelapa

10. Orangeade : air jeruk

11. Spoft Drink: minuman ringan

12. Cider : minuman dari buah apel

13. Yougurt : susu fermentasi

14. Syrup : sirup

15. Squash : sari buah asli

16. Honey : madu

17. Milk tea : teh susu

18. Hot chocolate : coklat panas

19. Energy drink : minuman energy

20. Beer : bir

Name of beverages in English that are mentioned above is very general. We often see them in our daily activity. It is better if we memorized the name of beverages in English above, but it will better if we use it in our daily activity. Actually, we will actually memorize them, when we use them directly.

However, it will be confusing if we do not have the example. We will be confused how to put the name of beverages in English in the sentence. So in this article, it is will be provided to give visual how to use the name of beverages in a sentence.

After we know 20 name of beverages in English, we will se how the name of beverages in English is used in sentence. In this article, it will be showed on two conversations and one paragraph that contains name of beverages in English.

Conversation 1

  • Dina : This rain makes me feel so cold.
    Elly : I think so. May be we can drink a beverage that can warm our body.
    Dina : Beverage? Good Idea, but what is that?
    Elly : Hmm.. How about hot coffe?
    Dina : It is good, but i have problem with coffe. It will hurt my stomach. Maybe another beverage that more safety. How about hot milki or hot chocolate
    Elly : Hot milk is a good idea, i like it so much. Ok, let’s find it.
    Dina : There are a caffe that provide a very nice hot milk. Let’s go to there.

The conversation above mentione some beverages. Those are hot coffe, hot milk, and hot chocolate. The word “hot” in the sentence above is put in front of “coffe, chocolate, and milk”, because “hot” is adjective and “coffe, chocolate, and milk” are noun.

Conversation 2

  • Waitress : Good morning, Sir. What can i do for you?
    Man : What is the special beverage for today?
    Waitress : Whe have ice cream and lemonade for special beverage today. But you can order another beverage.
    Man : Maybe those are good forme. Ok, I want lemonade and ice cream. Can you get them for me?
    Waitress : Ok Sir, please wait for a while.

There is no additional in the word lemonade. However, in “ice cream”, the “ice” is adjective and “cream” is noun.

In this article, the example is not only provided in a conversation form. The name of beverages in English will be showed in a paragraph.

Paragraf 1

Yesterday, my mother made a very nice beverage. That was coconut ice. Coconut ice is my favourite beverage. The taste is so sweet and the coconut makes the ice more perfect. Furthermore, the coconut ice was made by my mother, so it is very special.

That is the information about 20 name of beverages in English with the meaning in Indonesia. This article also shows the example of name of beverages in English in sentences that are provided in conversation and paragraph. We hope that after we understand names of beverages in English , we will improve our knowledge inEnglish and can help us to improve our English skill.

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