Numpulan nama-nama Bahan Bangunan dalam Bahasa Inggris beserta Contoh Kalimatnya

Bahan Bangunan
Pembahasan tentang Bahan Bangunan dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Mungkin bagi anda yang berada pada tahapan awal dalam belajar bahasa Inggris tidak akan pernah terpikirkan untuk mempelajari kosa kata bahan bangunan dalam bahasa Inggris. namun demikian, jangan salah bahwa kosa kata bahan bangunan ini juga sudah sepantasnya dikenali oleh mereka yang duduk di bangku sekolah kejuruan yang berkecimpung dalam dunia konstruksi bangunan.

Beberapa pihak mengharuskan anak didik memahami kosa kata bahan bangunan sehingga akan memperkaya pengetahuan mereka terkait akan hal kosa kata bahan bangunan. Berikut ini beberapa kosa kata bahan bangunan yang sering kali digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari hari. untuk lebih memudahkan dalam mempelajari kosa kata bahan bangunan maka, berikut ini juga diberikan contoh penggunaannya dalam suatu kalimat.

Board = papan

  • Contoh : when the morning comes, Mr. Abraham, an old carpenter who works for Mrs. Leon is very surprised because he found three boards is gone and he has no idea who has stolen the boards the he asks money to by another one.

Cement = semen

  • Contoh : the building which is going to be the house of my cow is almost done, but my father stops working for a while the he gets into the house and tells my mother that we are now running out the cement, so we need some money to buy some sacks of cement.

Concrete = campuran antara semen, pasir, kerikil dan air

  • Contoh : Students from building department is learning how to make good concrete by mixing a good amount of sand, cement, small stones and water so that it can be used to harden the arranged bricks that will form a wall.

Paving = paving

  • Contoh : Some people whose yard is dusty and never wants to pull out the grass always try to place some paving on it, so that they call for someone who sells paving in a big number for their yard.

Plywood = plywood

  • Contoh : plywood is sort of the board that is commonly used to make some furniture by joining one part to another with the glue and this has been long believed to create the perfect furniture that lasts longer.

Stone = batu

  • Contoh : The architect will make a thorough calculation in dealing with the number of boards, stones, bricks and any other building material before starting to build a house and this is one of the right ways to avoid from being lack of the budget.

Brick = batu bata

  • Contoh : Brick is made from the clay that is burned in the fire for a period of time until it turns red and this building material plays the vital role in building a house so that every people who want to build a house should find out the number of brick that they have.

Pointing = campuran semen yang bisa ditemukan antara satu batu bata dengan batu bata lainnya

  • Contoh : Pointing is a dough that is made from cement that will be placed between the stones that latter is formed into wall and this is one of the components that makes the wall strongly erected.

Iron = besi

  • Contoh : When you are building the house, you are obliged to think about the number of iron that you need to make the building erected and this becomes the consideration of the architect.

Granite = batu granit

  • Contoh : people who wants to build the house or building with the touch of arts are commonly used the granite that will be placed in a half building, so that this creates the unique combination of wall and stone.

Asbestos = asbes

  • Contoh : during 1945 until 1980, the use of asbestos was widely used as building materials in Australia but as the times fly, people realized that asbestos might cause the health disorders due to the chemical material that later led to cancer.

Beberapa contoh di atas merupakan kosa kata bahan bangunan yang acap kali digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. untuk itu, sebagai peserta didik yang berkecimpung dalam ilmu bangunan, maka anda harus mengetahui kosa kata bahan bangunan yang dalam hal ini juga memahami penggunaan kosa kata bahan bangunan dalam kalimat.

Pemahaman kosa kata bahan bangunan akan membantu dalam memahami suatu bacaan terkait dengan bangunan yang dikemas dalam bahasa inggris. Dengan mempelajari kosa kata bahan bangunan ini, maka secara tidak langsung anda juga akan meningkatkan kosa kata bahan bangunan dalam bahasa inggris beserta penggunaannya.