Nama-nama Bumbu Bumbu Dapur dalam Bahasa Inggris

Bumbu Dapur
Pembahasan tentang Bumbu Dapur dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Ketika bekerja di dapur sering kali anda dihadapkan dengan berbagai jenis bumbu dapur yang mungkin saja anda tidak mengenal kosa kata bumbu dapur dalam bahasa Inggris. Untuk itu, sudah selayaknya jika anda ingin belajar bahasa Inggris untuk mengetahui kosa kata bumbu dapur dalam bahasa Inggris.

Dengan mengetahui kosa kata bumbu dapur ini, maka perbendaharaan kata anda juga akan mengalami peningkatan. Bahkan, melalui pengenalan kosa kata bumbu dapur ini, anda juga lebih mudah saat diminta untuk menyebutkan suatu bahan dapur dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini beberapa kosa kata bumbu dapur yang sering kali digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kosa kata bumbu dapur ini nantinya akan meningkatkan level pembelajaran bahasa Inggris anda pada tingkat dasar.

Onio = bawang Bombay

  • Contoh : it is reported on the television that the price of onion raises lately from Rp 20,000 per kilo to Rp 40,000 per kilo and this fact put the buyers under stress because the daily needs is quite expensive.

Garlic = bawang putih

  • Contoh : when you cook fried rice, I suggest you to give some mashed garlic so that the fried rice will be tastier and if you like to create the sweet and spicy fried rice, do not forget to add sauce and sweet ketchup on it in good amount.

Chili = cabai

  • Contoh : I told you many times that I do not like spicy foods because I have a big trouble with my stomach so I recommend you not to take any chili on your cooking every time you cook some food for me.

Salt = garam

  • Contoh : Smith, if you think that the soup is less salty, you can take a pinch of salt on the kitchen table and please pass it to your brother, Jack as he told me that he needs some salt as well.

Sugar = gula

  • Contoh : Jane is cooking pancake and she completely forgets to put the sugar on the dough so that her pancake tasteless and all the family members feel disappointed with her cooking today.

Ginger = jahe

  • Contoh : When the morning comes and the drizzle falls, it is the perfect moment for family to have delicious beverage made of ginger mixed with sugar and hot water because it will warm the body.

Turmeric = kunyit

  • Contoh : Turmeric is one of the spices that is commonly used to create the yellow appearance on the cooking so that it is always available in the kitchen.

Vinegar = cuka

  • Contoh : I do not know why mother always put some vinegar into the cooking when she is cooking some certain foods for family but I think it is good idea as the cooking tastes good.

Nutmeg = buah pala

  • Contoh : Long time ago, Dutch sailed the ocean and took the long journey to find the land where the spices including nutmeg thrived well and Indonesia was the archipelago where Dutch took the spices.

Clove = cengkeh

  • Contoh : Some food is made from certain ingredients with the cloves in it to create the fragrance so that it will enhance the appetite.

Mine leaf = daun mint

  • Contoh : I still remember Gerry’s habit when making fresh lemon juice that he always puts some mine leaves on it because it tastes fresh and when I try to do the same thing, I get the point that the lemon juice tastes better.

Lime = jeruk nipis

  • Contoh : sometimes, when you are cooking the fried fish, it is recommended that you put some lime water on the fish before frying, so that the fish is no longer smells fishy and the tastes is much better.

Cinnamon = kayu manis

  • Contoh : like nutmeg, cinnamon is also one of the spices that the Dutch looked for in the ancient times and Dutch’s visit at that time cause any riots everywhere.

Ada berbagai kosa kata bumbu dapur yang bisa anda pelajari ketika anda memasuki tahapan awal dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Kosa kata bumbu dapur ini sangatlah penting dalam meningkatkan perbendaharaan kata anda. Untuk itu, tidak mengherankan jika setiap periode awal pembelajaran, siswa selalu diperkenalkan dengan kosa kata bumbu dapur ini.

Melalui tindakan menghafal kosa kata bumbu dapur ini, maka anda juga akan semakin mudah dalam menyebutkan berbagai hal terkait dengan kosa kata bumbu dapur seperti yang tersebut di atas.