Kumpulan Nama-Nama Jantan dan Betina untuk Binatang dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Pembahasan tentang Jantan dan Betina untuk binatang dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Kalian mungkin sudah mengenal akrab berbagai kosakata atau nama-nama binatang dalam bahasa Inggris, namun apa kalian tahu jika dalam bahasa Inggris terdapat penyebutan sendiri bagi nama-nama hewan jantan dan betina untuk tiap jenis hewan. Nah, untuk menambah wawasan kalian dalam animal vocabulary, berikut kami sajikan kumpulan nama-nama jantan dan betina binatang dalam bahasa Inggris lengkap dengan contoh kalimatnya.

Nama-nama binatang betina-jantan beserta contoh kalimatnya :

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad A, B, dan C

  • Ant/Bee : queen/worker-drone
    Contoh :
    The queen is the leader of an ant’s colony.
    The hive of ant’s community usually contains of worker ants, drones, and also queen.
  • Antelope: doe -buck
  • Bear : sow-boar
    Contoh :
    The sow is trying to protect her cub from the hunter.
    The local boar is getting rare now since the illegal hunting is out of control.
  • Camel : cow-bull
  • Caribou : doe-buck
  • Cat : queen-tom
    Contoh :
    My queen cat now has two little cuddly kittens.
    I don’t know how that tom can get in my kitchen and steal my fresh salmon which I just bought.
  • Chimpanzee : empress-blackback
  • Chicken : hen-cock / rooster
    Contoh :
    Now I don’t have to buy any egg to prepare a breakfast since my all my four hens always lay an egg every single day.
    My both roosters always fight each, it’s tiring me to separate them all day long.
  • Coyote : bitch-dog
  • Crab : hen/jenny-cock/jimmy
  • Crocodile : cow-bull

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad D dan E

  • Deer: doe-stag/buck
    Contoh :
    The antler of stag is highly demanded by some collector which makes their population are getting smaller now.
  • Dog: bitch-dog
    Contoh :
    My dog is watching his bitch which is giving birth to their new puppies.
  • Donkey : jenny-jack
  • Dragonfly : queen-king/drake
  • Duck : duck/hen-drak
  • Elephant: cow-bull
  • Elk : cow-bull

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad F dan G

  • Falcon: falcon-tierce
  • Ferret: jill-hob
  • Finch : hen-cock
  • Fox: vixen-dog
    Contoh :
    The vixen has some cubs with her inside their nest.
  • Gerbil : doe-buck
  • Giraffe: cow-bull
  • Goat: nanny/doe-billy/buck
    Contoh :
    Mr. Yanuar has two twelve goats, eight are nanny goat and the rest are billy goats.
  • Goose: goose-gander
    Contoh :
    Our dinner menu tonight looks so delicious by its main course made of roasted gander.
  • Guinea pig: sow-boar

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad H, J, dan K

  • Hamster: doe-buck
  • Hawk: hen-tierce
  • Hedgehog: sow-boar
  • Hippopotamus: cow-bull
  • Horse: mare/filly-stallion/stud
    Contoh :
    The mare will lick her foal’s body to clean it.
    Most fully grown horses, especially for the stallions, are more like old people, they are more worried by change than the rivalry from younger horses.
  • Jellyfish: sow-boar
  • Kangaroo: flyer/doe/jill/roo-boomer/buck/jack

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad L dan M

  • Leopard: leopardess-leopard
    Contoh :
    Leopardess guard her new cub from any attack, especially from the other leopard.
  • Lion: lioness-lion
    Contoh :
    Lioness has no manes just like lion.
  • Lobster: hen-cock
  • Mallard: hen-greenhead
  • Mole: sow-boar
  • Mouse: doe-buck

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad O, P, dan R

  • Opossum: jill-jack
  • Peafowl: peahen-peacock
  • Partridge: hen/chantelle-cock
  • Pig : sow/gilt-boar/barrow
  • Rabbit: doe / jill-buck/jack
  • Rat : doe/cow-buck/bull
  • Red deer: hind-stag/hart

Nama-nama betina dan jantan untuk binatang abjad S, T, W, dan Z

  • Salmon: hen-cock
  • Seahorse: seamare-seastallion
  • Sheep: ewe/dam-ram/buck
    Contoh :
    Mr. Jono field is quite empty comparing to its size, where there are only a few ewes with their young lambs.
    The ram can defend itself by attacking its enemy using their hard skeleton head and horn.
  • Swan: pen-cob
    Contoh :
    I just bought fresh cob meat from the poultry man nearby, it’s quite cheap than normal price on the market.
  • Tiger: tigress-tiger
    Contoh :
    Our local zoo has a good news this week, their tigress gave birth three cubs.
  • Turkey: hen-gobbler/stag/stom
    Contoh :
    I will make a special menu made of gobbler for the thanks giving next week.
  • Walrus: cow-bull
  • Whale: cow-bull
  • Wolf: bitch-dog
  • Wolverine: angeline-wolverine
  • Zebra: mare-stallion
    Contoh :
    The strongest stallions are leading the zebra herds which is involving some of mares within their herd.