Kumpulan Nama-nama Furnitur dalam Bahasa Inggris beserta Contoh Kalimatnya

Pembahasan tentang Furnitur dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Lagi lagi ketika mempelajari bahasa Inggris, anda akan belajar kosa kata furnitur yang nantinya akan sering digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari hari. Dalam hal ini, untuk mempelajari kosa kata furniture tersebut akan lebih baik ketika dibarengi dengan mempelajari cara pengaplikasian kosa kata furniture tersebut pada suatu kalimat.

Hal inilah yang sering kali dilakukan oleh para pembelajar bahasa Inggris untuk meningkatkan kosa kata furniture tersebut. Dengan menerapkan cara yang demikian ini, maka kosa kata furniture anda akan semakin meningkat dan berikut ini beberapa kosa kata furniture yang layak untuk anda pelajari.

Armchair = kursi tangan

  • Contoh : It was late night when I arrived from Jonah’s party with my lover and I found my mother was sitting in the armchair starring me in anger, because I had left the house without her consent so that she scolded me and threatened me not to give me some money for a week.

Cupboard = lemari

  • Contoh : The house was left by the owners for a month and curious Dean made an attempt with his friends to get into the house to find something precious locked inside the cupboard where the old Grandma, Mrs. Anne saved the gold and diamond.

Table = meja

  • Contoh : Brian is the oldest son of Mr. Johnson who resumes the study in the nearby vocational high school in St. Medieval and this morning he unintentionally poured the soup on the table where the family would have breakfast before going to work.

Television = televise

  • Contoh : This the most horrible day for me as I cannot watch my favorite program on television so that we need to call the mechanic to fix the out of order television and it takes a whole day to wait so that I miss one episode of the love movie series.

Refrigerator = kulkas

  • Contoh : I never thought before that this tragedy will be the funniest ever because my old brother is frightened when he wants to steal my chocolate bar in the refrigerator but his attempt comes to naught as I tries to frighten him by sounding like a ghost.

Telephone = telepon

  • Contoh : Bill Corrode heard the telephone was ringing in the midnight, but he was very afraid to go downstairs because the day was raining and the lamp went off since the evening came, so that he just ignored the call ringing for many times.

Vase = vas

  • Contoh : Mrs. Lucy is the old woman who damn love flowers so that she always visits the florists near the museum for some flowers then she puts some roses and tulips in the vase and this creates her living room is full of flower.

Chair = kursi

  • Contoh : Robert is now waiting for Lindsay sitting on the chair but the beautiful Lindsay has not come out yet while the drama has already begun 10 minutes ago so that he feels angry at her and never forgives her for the whole life.

Air conditioner = AC

  • Contoh : Cleo has already come back from school and she feels so hot and thirsty so that she turns the air conditioner on while she is sitting in the living room enjoying the cold coke that she obtains from the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Bookshelf = rak buku

  • Contoh : Stacy loved reading the story books, so she always went to the bookstore and bought some new released story book displayed in the bookshelf which some of the story books was written by Arthur McKnight, a Canadian man with the extraordinary talents in writing the story.

Sofa = sofa

  • Contoh : Zack is badly injured because of the terrible accident a couple days ago in Tracers Rd and he is now sitting on the sofa reading the latest magazine alone because his parents are now in the office working.

Beberapa kosa kata furniture di atas merupakan contoh dari kosa kata furniture yang sering kali ditemui dalam keseharian. Pemahaman kosa kata furniture yang disertai dengan penggunaan kosa kata furniture dalam sebuah kalimat akan sangat membantu dalam meningkatkan perbendaharaan kata terkait dengan kosa kata furniture tersebut. Dengan mempelajari kosa kata furniture ini, maka anda akan lebih mudah dalam menghafal kosa kata furniture tersebut.