Kumpulan Nama-nama Bangunan Rumah dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Contoh Kalimatnya

Pembahasan tentang Bangunan Rumah dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Dalam mempelajari bahasa Inggris, maka anda juga akan mengenal kosa kata bangunan rumah yang mencangkup semua perihal yang ada di dalam rumah. Pengenalan kosa kata bangunan rumah dilakukan pada tahapan awal pembelajaran bahasa Inggris yang nantinya akan memperkaya pengetahuan anak. kosa kata bangunan rumah ini pada dasarnya banyak digunakan dalam pembicaraan sehari-hari.

Tidak mengherankan jika setiap anak SD yang sedang mempelajari bahasa Inggris akan diperkenalkan dengan kosa kata bangunan rumah tersebut. Dengan mengetahui berbagai kosa kata bangunan rumah ini, maka anda juga akan lebih mudah dalam menyebutkan bangunan rumah dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini beberapa kosa kata bangunan rumah yang perlu anda pelajari.

Wall = dinding

  • Contoh : The 23 years old house that used to be Mr. Howard’s house located next to the grave is thought to be haunted with the wall is no longer erected and some of the doors are left ajar with the broken hinge that produces the horrifying sound.

Door = pintu

  • Contoh : I do not know why Mr. and Mrs. Jacks were scolding each other for many hours when the day was raining hard outside and  the at the end of the day, I saw their daughter, Becky left the house and slammed the door that surprised me big time, because the silent Becky was filled with tears.

Floor = lantai

  • Contoh : as the evening comes and the sun sets in the west, Kelly walks toward her son’s room and finds all the toys, books, blanket and snacks are scattered on the floor and this makes her become angry like a hell.

Gate = gerbang

  • Contoh : Tommy was in the yard playing with his dog while her mother was in the kitchen cooking for dinner but lazy Tommy always leaves the gate open so that when he got into the room, the dog ran away from its house.

Dining room = ruang makan

  • Contoh : When thanksgiving celebration has come, Mr. Pat and family gather in the dining room enjoying the baked turkey cooked by his wife, Anne and they never forget to serve wine in that occasion because eating turkey without wine is imperfect.

Bedroom = kamar tidur

  • Contoh : There is something unique that I can see from Matt’s bedroom and thing that attracts my attention is the butterfly wall decoration made from the paper glued on the wall that looks like real.

Bathroom = kamar mandi

  • Contoh : It takes a long time for my grandmother to occupy the bathroom and we are quite worried why she does not come out for an hour so that we plans to batter down the door and surprisingly, we find her unconscious.

Back yard = halaman belakang

  • Contoh : Every Sunday, Jack, a man that damn love to look after the various kinds of love birds always spends the whole day in the back yard and clean his birds cage that has long been cleaned after a week leave for office.

Garage = garasi

  • Contoh : Mr. Blaire, the man who works for the bank is now fixing his car in the garage because the brake is broken down when he was on the way to go office and this barely led to the horrible accident.

Window = jendela

  • Contoh : When I made a short trip to Denver in April, I saw something unique from the old houses that have long been abandoned by the owner located nearby the river which are painted with green and the window is yellow.

Fence = pagar

  • Contoh : It was the most tragic accident that I had ever seen throughout my whole life when the truck with the oil container crashed into the front fence of the restaurant where I used to spend my weekends with my old friends enjoying the delicious hot chocolate.

Beberapa contoh kalimat di atas menggunakan kosa kata bangunan rumah yang acap kali digunakan dalam pembicaraan sehari-hari. Berbagai kosa kata bangunan rumah tersebut nantinya akan membantu dalam memperdalam pengetahuan bahasa inggris anda.

Tidak mengherankan jika dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris, kosa kata bangunan rumah seperti tersebut di atas selalu menjadi topik pembahasan tersendiri. Untuk memperdalam pemahaman akan kosa kata bangunan rumah tersebut, maka sudah sepatutnya anda belajar kosa kata bangunan rumah dengan mencoba untuk membuat kalimat dengan kosa kata bangunan rumah secara benar.