Kumpulan Nama-Nama Anak Binatang untuk ”Young Animal” dalam Bahasa Inggris

anak bebek
Pembahasan tentang Anak Binatang dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Salah satu kosakata yang perlu diketahui oleh para pemula adalah tentang nama-nama anak binatang atau dalam bahasa Inggris disebut young animal ataupun baby animal. Nah, apa saja sebutan untuk nama-nama young animal atau baby animal tersebut, berikut ini kami merangkumnya lengkap dengan contoh kalimatnya.

Nama-nama anak binatang atau young animal beserta contoh kalimatnya adalah sebagai berikut :

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad A, B, dan C

  • Ass/Donkey : foal, colt (anak jantan), dan filly (anak betina)
    Contoh : Do not let foals get cold or wet out in the field.
  • Bear: cub
    Contoh : The older bears will teach the cub how bears are supposed to behave in the wild.
  • Bird: chick
    Contoh: Two other tame birds on the same farm have already produced chicks which are now living in this barn.
  • Cat : kitten
    Contoh: My cat now has two kittens.
  • Cattle/Cow/Bull : calf
    Contoh:The calf looks so vulnerable right after its born.
  • Chicken: chick, pullet (ayam betina muda), dan cockerel (ayam jantan muda)
    Contoh : If the eggs are allowed to cool, once they have started to develop, the chicks within will die.

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad D dan E

  • Deer: fawn
    Contoh : She has two young calves that look remarkably like fawns without
  • Dog: puppy
    Contoh : Andi looks so happy today. His dog now has four cute little puppies, and they look so adorable.
  • Duck: duckling
    Contoh : I think these ducklings will be ready to be sold at market about next three months.
  • Eagle: eaglet
    Contoh : By now the eaglets had developed to the point where they could fly a little.
  • Elephant: calf
    Contoh : This is the first calf which this local zoo owned since the come of three elephants few years ago.

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad F dan G

  • Fish: fry
    Contoh: My Golden fish keep getting pregnant but I have never seen any fry.
  • Fox : cub
    Contoh: About a week ago, I saw a family of foxes with their cubs on the Mr. Yani’s western field.
  • Frog/Toad: tadpole
    Contoh : Every raining season, there are always numerous of tadpole in my backyard pool.
  • Goat: billy
    Contoh : Mala looked so afraid of them and with his stick, she tried to shoo the billy goats out.
  • Goose: gosling
    Contoh :Their goslings never learnt how to migrate, and their descendants live on.

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad H, K, dan L

  • Horse: foal, colt (anak jantan), dan filly (anak betina)
    Contoh : Do the owner of this farm let the foals to stay with the mares or let them alone?
  • Kangaroo/Koala: joey
    Contoh : Kangaroo keeps their joey in their pouch till it strong enough to live outside.
  • Lion: cub
    Contoh : A lioness keeps her cub to be safe from any threat whether it from another lion or hyena.

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad O, P, dan R

  • Owl: owlet
    Contoh : When I got on the top of the tree, I found a nest where there laid three sleeping owlets.
  • Pig : piglet
    Contoh : My mom let me look after and feed three piglets when I was a five and they were really friendly and looks so cute.
  • Rabbit: bunny
    Contoh : That little bunny is so fast that I can’t catch it.

Nama-nama anak binatang untuk young animal abjad S, T, dan W

  • Sheep: lamb
    Contoh: The lamb meat always feels better for any kind of cook and it is tasted so delicious.
  • Spider: spiderling
    Contoh: With those spider web inside this old house, imagine how many spiderling will be on the next few months.
  • Swan: cygnet
    Contoh :Most people know that swans are so strong, violent, and they are able to attack you, especially when they get cygnet beside them, you have to be much more careful of them.
  • Swine: piglet
    Contoh: About three days ago, the sow gave birth to eight piglets. They look so healthy newborn piglets.
  • Tiger: cub
    Contoh: Our local tiger rehabilitation has a good news since they now get some addition of three tiger pubs.
  • Whale/Shark : calf
    Contoh: The whale calf which local people found yesterday was death, it supposed that the calf wasn’t able get back to the sea and got dump on the shallow.
  • Wolf: pup
    Contoh: I just need to keep wolf pup out of my lawn, because another wolf will come after it.