Kumpulan Nama-nama Alat Transportasi dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Contoh Kalimatnya

Alat Transportasi
Pembahasan tentang Alat Transportasi dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Ada berbagai alat transportasi yang saat ini digunakan untuk berpindah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. Terkait akan hal ini, maka ada berbagai kosa kata alat transportasi yang perlu anda ketahui saat belajar bahasa Inggris.

Berbagai kosa kata alat transportasi ini sering kali disebutkan dalam pembicaraan sehari hari. Bahkan kosa kata alat transportasi ini juga banyak digunakan sehari-hari juga. Dengan mempelajari kosa kata alat transportasi ini, maka kemampuan berbahasa anda akan semakin meningkat. Berikut ini beberapa kosa kata alat transportasi yang sering kali diperkenalkan pada tahapan awal belajar bahasa Inggris.

Cobalah untuk memahami kosa kata alat transportasi ini sehingga anda tidak bingung lagi ketika diminta untuk menyebutkan kosa kata dalam bahasa Inggris.

Bicycle = sepeda

  • Contoh : When I was young, my father bought me a bicycle and I was very happy at that time as this is the very best gift that I had when my birthday was celebrated at the hall with families and friends.

Bus = bis

  • Contoh : it is quite distressing when I have to take bus everyday to go work, because I have no motorbike at home and the passengers is crowded so that I sometimes never have a seat to sit for an hour.

Car = mobil

  • Contoh : as the year goes by, the development of automotive is quite fast and this affects to the great introduction of the new release car produced by Toyota that has already obtained recognition from many people across the face of the earth.

Taxi = taksi

  • Contoh : Taxi is a kind of public transportation that will take you to the destination but remember that the price is too high, so it is not suggested to take taxi to go somewhere if you do not have a lot of money.

Train = kereta

  • Contoh : Today’s news is about the accidents between the train and the car driven by Keith and from this tragic tragedy, it is reported that three people are dead while all the train passengers are expected to wait for an hour until the next train arrives.

Raft = rakit

  • Contoh : It is surprised me big time when I see all the students of elementary school living in the remotest part of Indonesia have to struggle to cross the big river with the raft and it is implied that those students are brave and never give up to learn at school.

Ambulance = ambulans

  • Contoh : When you are injured on the road, you can dial the ambulance to have the first aid so that the ambulance will drive you to the hospital for the further examination and medical treatment so you will get speedy recovery soon.

Helicopter = helicopter

  • Contoh : Celine Dion is one of the Canadian superstar who has a private helicopter that carry her to travel from one country to another so that she can perform in hundred stages with fans who applaud her on the stage.

Jeep = mobil jip

  • Contoh : When I was in senior high school, friends ask me to go holiday to Bromo and I tried to explore the beauty of the mountain with the jeep and it is quite amazing because I saw beautiful sceneries there.

Ship = kapal

  • Contoh : It has been a long time for me not to see my brother and next month I plan to visit my brother in the Papua by ship for a weeks as I do not have any money to travel by air, so that I have to be patient during my way.

Subway = kereta api bawah tanah

  • Contoh : when I travel to Japan, I plan to visit one tourism resorts to another and it is quite easy to find public transportation, as I use subway that cost very cheap for me as a tourist backpacker.

Ada berbagai kosa kata alat transportasi yang sering kali digunakan dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris. Beberapa kosa kata alat transportasi tersebut di atas sering kali digunakan oleh setiap orang dalam pembicaraan sehari hari. kosa kata alat transportasi ini pada dasarnya sangatlah banyak, namun, beberapa kosa kata alat transportasi di atas cukuplah untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris. Dengan mengenal kosa kata alat transportasi dalam bahasa Inggris, maka anda tidak perlu khawatir saat berbicara dengan orang asing.