Kumpulan Nama nama Alat Musik dalam Bahasa Inggris beserta Contoh Kalimatnya

alat musik
Pembahasan tentang Alat Musik dalam kosakata bahasa Inggris

Alat musik merupakan salah satu instrumen yang digunakan dalam mengiringi suatu musik. Terkait akan pembelajaran bahasa Inggris, maka setiap siswa akan mengenal kosa kata alat musik yang nantinya akan menjadi langkah awal dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Ada berbagai kosa kata alat musik yang perlu diketahui sebab kosa kata alat musik tersebut sering kali digunakan dalam perbincangan sehari-hari. Dengan menghafal kosa kata alat musik tersebut, maka perbendaharaan kata anda akan mengalami peningkatan.

Berikut ini beberapa kosa kata alat musik yang perlu anda ketahui dalam bahasa inggris. Untuk mempermudah pemahaman kosa kata alat musik ini, maka tersedia contoh kalimat terkait dengan kosa kata alat musik yang bersangkutan.

Guitar = gitar

  • Contoh : Kevin Girouard is the one who plays the guitar in Celine Dion’s concert throughout the world and he is now being reported to have an eye with the Canadian superstar for a couple of months after the death of Rene Angelil.

Violin = biola

  • Contoh : Bret’s mother always insists on her son, Gordon to learn how to play violin because his mother always wants to see Gordon stand on the stage performing the most favorite songs of his mother written by James Horner in the Caesar Palace.

Piano = piano

  • Contoh : Albert has been practicing on playing the piano for many hours and he is now being capable of playing the her father’s favorite song on the title I will always love you popularized by world’s famous singer, Whitney Hudson.

Harp = harpa

  • Contoh : Lane and Ted are two guys who have strong intention to play the music and they have arranged a meeting in the park at St. Helotry at 09.00 am with the John Broils , the old man who spends his life for music and be able to play the harp.

Flute = seruling

  • Contoh : When I was studying in high school, my teacher named Mr. Simon McArthur taught me how to play flute and I never had a chance to be able to play the flute because I find difficulty to follow his lesson so that it is no wonder if I got the bad score at that time.

Angklung = angklung

  • Contoh : Indonesia has hundred types of traditional musical instrument that has been successfully attracted the foreigners and one of them is angklung, the traditional musical instrument made from bamboo and has the unique sound.

Cymbals = simbal

  • Contoh : When the Indonesia independence day has come, people celebrate with many attractions and one of them is the extraordinary attraction called drum band in which one of the personnel plays cymbal to create the harmony.

Saxophone = saxofon

  • Contoh : My uncle is good at playing saxophone for many years and he has performed in many concert with some world’s most famous singer, Andrea Brocelli, a blind man with the angle voice that brings all the audience to tear.

Trumpet = trompet

  • Contoh : This morning, Mr. Andrews meet Frank, a student with the multi-talented skills on playing music and he told Frank that next Sunday will be the farewell party for the old headmaster and he wants Frank to play trumpet on the stage with Nicole as a singer.

Ukulele = ukulele

  • Contoh : Ukulele is one of the oldest musical instrument with the four strings from Hawaii that will produce the unique sound and this instrument has been widely known since 19th century when the people love playing music.

Bass = bass

  • Contoh : When I was enrolled for musical class, the teacher asked me to play the bass, but I got difficulty to create harmony among many other instrument so that not long after that I was expelled from the class due to the frequent absence.

Harmonica = harmonica

  • Contoh : Musical theatre is never be separated from the role of the music and songs during the play and one of the musical instruments that is frequently used in that play is harmonica.

Beberapa contoh di atas merupakan kosa kata alat musik yang sering kali digunakan dalam bahasa Inggris. Akan lebih baik jika anda berkeinginan untuk menambah wawasan bahasa Inggris, maka anda bisa menghafalkan kosa kata alat musik dengan benar yang disertai pemahaman atas contoh penggunaannya. Dengan menghafal dan memahami kosa kata alat musik ini, maka anda akan mendapatkan peningkatan level pembelajaran bahasa Inggris terkait dengan kosa kata alat musik itu sendiri dan dengan kosa kata alat musik ini pula anda akan lebih mudah menyebutkan nama alat musik dalam bahasa Inggris.

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