This document defines a scope of privacy and protection levels on confidentiality of information in which users enter when they register on a site and protection in normal use, program services and other facilities of carabisabahasainggris. Users can at any time refuse or provide information and data we need. Using this site, users agree that carabisabahasainggris has an authority to collect, use and disclose personal information users in accordance with terms and conditions of this agreement.

carabisabahasainggris Company declares and accepts a responsibility to protect personal information of users. This document contains rules that govern information that is collected and used, and also with a certain reason, which is very significant, to disclose such information. These rules apply to all personal information collected by carabisabahasainggris, all of which were set out in this joint agreement.


We will always provide forms on this site for you with an objective to ensure that your personal information is correct and up to date. You may review and update this information at any time in the Control Panel. There you can:

  1. View and edit personal information you have provided to us.
  2. Inform us whether you want us to send marketing information, or whether you want third parties to send their offers via emails or postal mails.
  3. Sign up for electronic bulletins about our product services.
  4. With one time signup you can login to the membership area, and then you can access all facilities that available to members, making one time login.


As long as users use the site, data and non-personal information users such as an IP address, an originating site address of users, visit time, a browser type, screen depth and a version of a language used, we can collect automatically. We may also collect and analyze user navigation information i.e. addresses and sub-addresses (path) that are passed by users in this site, and any activity performed by the users on this site.

Data and Personal Information of Users that are collected are only information that has received prior permission from users. By giving such permission, users are considered to voluntarily provide and give their information to us. Personal information we collect includes:

  • Information provided by users at the time of registration on the carabisabahasainggris site, including User Names and Passwords, personal data (full names), and e-mails. When you sign up as a DESIGNER on the site, we collect additional information such as your postal address and contact phone number, your website address and other profile.
  • Information provided by users during a purchase, such as billing address.
  • If a user is listed as a DESIGNER, other information that needs to be given is financial account data, and the data will be used for the purpose of a bonus payment, as well as information provided by the user for a personal identification, such as a passport, a driver's license or other personal identification documents.

As a registered user you also have an option to provide additional personal information such as an address and a phone number in your profile. You can control what information you provide, which will be displayed openly to the public. It can be set in your Control Panel page. Of course, users have the right to refuse to provide personal information at any time. However, in this case, some of the functions and services offered on the site may be reduced or even not available partly or completely to users.


Collection and use of personal information of users are carried out by carabisabahasainggris for the following purposes:

  • Creation, management and maintenance of accounts.
  • Processing on supports or questions from users,
  • Customer service.
  • Data analysis for the purpose of improving goods, products or technology offered.
  • Adjustment or special display setting selected by users to suit their needs.
  • Maintenance and more interactive operational interface.
  • Bonus payments to members as DESIGNERs.
  • Identify that displayed files belong to certain DESIGNERs
  • Communication purposes on matters related to transactions made by users.
  • Notification of goods and new services for site users.

carabisabahasainggris has a capability to post and communicate on the transactions made by users, considering payments and re-asking about the purchase, which will be done by users. We also offer users to subscribe to our newsletter. We will use your name and email address to send the newsletter to you. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter you can follow the instructions contained in each email communication.

Communication and provision of data related to transactions which will be performed by users are generally required. You are made possible not to be willing to communicate with us in a promotional nature. If you do not wish to receive promotions and other services that we offer, you have an option to disable them, which is available at the Control Panel.

Personal information collected by carabisabahasainggris can be processed and stored in other countries in facilities owned carabisabahasainggris. Users are also allowed to send data and information to companies owned by the carabisabahasainggris abroad within the limits that have been regulated.


In a normal situation, and it is clearly stated in the rules. carabisabahasainggris will never disclose, sell, lease, lend, or otherwise make available personal information of users to third parties.

Users' personal information may be disclosed and shared with partner agencies that provide services to carabisabahasainggris, i.e. services that can include money transfers, data storage, payment processing, etc. The third party will only receive the information that is needed to provide certain service. Such information will be stored and protected by collaborative principles and a high level of protection with a prior study by carabisabahasainggris, and cannot be used for other purposes.

Information about users may also be warranted to be expressed as a business asset in the case of an acquisition or a sale by the company. carabisabahasainggris is entitled to express and convey the personal information of users if required by law and when we believe that disclosure is needed to protect our rights and or in accordance with a legal procedure or a court order.


Your personal information can be accessed, reviewed and edited by you on this site, all of which are available in the Control Panel. Users can also contact us by email. We will respond to your request. We will keep your information as long as your account is active or as long as you temporarily stop using our services. If you wish to cancel or delete your account or no longer use our services, please contact us. We will retain and use your information that is needed to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce agreements.


carabisabahasainggris uses cookies technology in operating sites and other site functions. A cookie is a small text file that is stored automatically in the user's computer. The file contains information that may be required and used by the server to process users' requests. Cookies, among others, are used to collect and disseminate information about time and dates of users' visits on the site, ID sessions, registration information, navigation history, etc.

For some cookies files, carabisabahasainggris absolutely needs these cookies files to process user requests, especially in reviewing and counting Purchase Carts of Users and for other important uses. carabisabahasainggris have access and control over these cookies owned by carabisabahasainggris. Users can allow or disallow the use of cookies on his computer. However, if cookies are blocked by users, it can make users be unable to neither register nor perform other important functions of the site, but will not affect users in navigating a general nature of the site.


carabisabahasainggris continuously monitors and enforces a standard protection on information for all activities on the carabisabahasainggris site, including the company employees, including:

  • Access to information is limited only to be given to employees or operators who need to serve customers,
  • Data encryption of payments such as credit card numbers using the SSL technology through a gateway of payment use providers by third parties,
  • Storage of personal information obtained from users in an encrypted form on computers that are protected and secured from unauthorized access.

Because there is no safe and perfect method for protecting information during a process of storage and transfers of data in an electronic method, carabisabahasainggris will not give a full guarantee on the information safety, although every effort has been made by the company. Access to the Users' Control Panel is protected by Password, made by each user. Therefore the safety and security of users' information are their responsibilities in making their Usernames and Passwords confidential.


If you have favourite Box containing favourite products of your choice, and you want your friends to see them too, then we will ask you to fill out your friend's email address. Then, we will automatically send to an email your friend with an invitation to review your Favourite Box one-time only. carabisabahasainggris does not store this information in the server, as the information is only used once and then it is immediately deleted automatically.


For parents or guardians, we want to help you maintain a privacy of your children. We encourage you to talk with your children about safe and responsible use regarding their Personal Information while using the internet. carabisabahasainggris does not publish contents that are targeted to children under the age of 15.


The carabisabahasainggris site may have links to third party sites or other sites. Links are provided solely for the interest and convenience of users. Their presence does not mean that they are recommended or endorsed by carabisabahasainggris.

carabisabahasainggris does not guarantee the security of the sites and does not guarantee they will satisfy users' expectation. carabisabahasainggris will not bear any liability in the event of damages or losses, directly or indirectly, due to visits to carabisabahasainggris, or service use that is available from such third party sites.


We may update this privacy statement in order to follow changes and development of new technologies and amendments of applicable laws. If we make a change of files we will notify you via a notice on this site before such change takes effect. We encourage you to periodically review this page so that you can know and follow information if there is an amendment in this Privacy Policy.

These Terms of Use are legally binding by law and refer to the original document written in English and translated into other languages for your comfort and convenience for users whose native language is not English. If there is a discrepancy between the English version and the translated version, the English version is the supreme document which should serve as the primary reference.